Dowsing can bring real benefits and I use dowsing for anyone whom it can help. Along with house and office healing, I help people locate buried objects ranging from pipes to water leaks. I also help people locate underground sources of water i.e. water divining.

Healing sick houses and offices

The purpose of house or office healing is to improve people’s lives when their house or office suffers from geopathic stress. There are different ways dowsers achieve this but they are all effective – each dowser uses what works best for him. Because the effects of geopathic stress have built up and crystallised over a long time, several sessions are sometimes needed. This is equally true for offices. I identify the various detrimental energies affecting a house or office and then harmonise them. These include various forms of geopathic stress including the global earth grids (energy lines) and Hartmann and Curry grids.

Please contact me if you have any queries or would like to discuss any aspect of office or house healing.

Locating buried objects

Because dowsing is the art of detecting hidden objects, finding buried objects is easily done by a dowser. Most of this can be achieved remotely from my home using a map or a plan.

Please contact me for further information or guidance.

Water dowsing

The most familiar form of dowsing, water dowsing is the quickest and cheapest way to locate a fresh source of water. I will also be able to tell you whether the water is drinkable and how fast it’s flowing.

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