House or Office Healing

What value do you place on good health, harmonious relationships and a happy house or successful business? How much do you value a good night’s sleep?

For all properties, be they private or commercial, I will undertake a free check for you to see if work needs doing. All I need are brief details of your property including full postal address and post code please.

For house healing and space clearing of standard sized private properties,  I have a standard charge of £400. This includes my initial analysis, how it may have impinged on your life, recommendations of how to counter any negative influences I find and a full report including a plan showing the energies I find. It also includes six months of support work which will include any psychic work needed to remove curses or energy attachments, full after-care and follow-ups with some extra free value-added bonuses. I also check on what effect environmental influences are having on each occupant. I also do a much reduced £150 level service where the report is limited with no plans, psychic work on people or any follow-ups. If you start with the reduced fee level and subsequently want the full service, then there the upgrade charge is £350. I am also open to any suitable form of barter and stage payments e.g. four monthly payments of £100. I am also a qualified and certified Source Energy Healing, Vortex© Healer and Lightbody Healer should any individual want some healing performed on them. For a further £400, you will receive a full extra year’s worth of follow-ups and an ongoing comprehensive package on matters affecting your life improvements with regard to the environment and other associated topics. During this time, you are very welcome to contact me at any time about the work – all as part of this support package. I will often refer to articles and guidance from other experts in their own field that should help you with a healthier and less stressful life.

For office healing and space clearing, or general work on a business or a specific project much will depend upon the size of office or business and the amount of work needed. Please email me with your request and I will provide you with a quotation before any work is undertaken.

For all requirements, please either fill in the contact form outlining the details of your requirements or email me direct.  Please also use this form if you have a query or for anything you would like to ask me about.

Water Dowsing

No two tasks are ever the same. Once you have provided me with details of your requirements, I will provide you with a quotation for the work. For water divining work, I will always undertake a quick desk study, before going to site, for free.


If you would like to pay via PayPal then please use the link below, where you will be taken to a secure PayPal payments page.

On the PayPal page please enter your name or other means of identifying you (unless you would prefer to remain anonymous) in the Description Field. Please add 5% to the total if you are paying by PayPal

Alternatively, cheques are accepted.