My unconditional guarantee to you: If you are not satisfied with the results of my work at any time within six months, I will refund in full what you paid me. No quibbles.

It has renewed our happiness as a family. Our lives, health and house benefit from the changes Matthew has put in place Ms T, Somerset

House or Office Healing

Most of my dowsing is undertaken in the peace and quiet of my own home. I do not normally need to travel to the site for house or office healing work, which helps clients avoid additional time and travel costs. However, I am very willing to visit the site to give advice and help if you prefer.

I will undertake an initial free remote check on your address for the presence of geopathic stress and other energies detrimental to your health. These include the presence of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). I will send you the results of these in any easy and quantifiable way to understand.

If you would then like to proceed, I will ask you for a floor plan of the house and garden from which to work. This applies equally to houses, offices, factories, garages, hospitals, etc. On completion of each job, I send the client a report on the work with my findings with your house plan marked up with what I find..

I will never undertake any work on your house, office, etc, without permission.

I work on various issues including but not limited to:

  • Human related energies, including people living in the home and those who may be imprinted in or energetically connected to your home;
  • Spirits and poltergeists;
  • The energy fields related to underground water;
  • Earth energy lines or leys related to the home and property;
  • Other Earth Energies, such as Hartmann, Curry & Benker Grid Lines;
  • Electrical fields around appliances and other electrical devices, including larger devices, such as transformers and mobile phone towers that might be affecting the energies of the home;
  • Tetra lines;
  • Curses on you, your house or your business;
  • And any other energies that may be appropriate for me to be aware of to help you and your family.

When I undertake a house or office healing project, it may take more than one of my special healing sessions to complete the work. This is all included. The number of sessions and subsequent checks does not affect the cost. I also check each occupant for any curses or psychic attacks and for susceptibility to various environmental influences. The curses I remove to allow you to lead your life in peace and harmony.

Having undertaken the preliminary house healing or house clearing work, I follow up with regular checks for six months to ensure that all is well. There are occasions when follow-up sessions are required and in these cases, I continue to work on the issue until it has been fully resolved.

Water Dowsing and Leak Detection

For this aspect of dowsing, I will undertake preliminary work from home once you have provided me with details but I need to visit the site to provide the precise location. I will also agree the fee with you in advance so that there are no nasty surprises for you.

After I have finished my work when water divining, I will send you a comprehensive report which includes details such as the expected water flow both at that time and in the dry season, the depth to the water flow and the depth of the water flow, the quality of the water, the probability of success and its main composition.

Location of Buried Objects

The same process applies as for Water Dowsing.