Geopathic stress is a natural phenomenon which affects certain places throughout the world. It is one of the main causes of Sick Building Syndrome. It is harmful to our and our animals’ health. The cause is a combination of one or more of the effects of natural radiation, underground water, changes to the Earth’s magnetic field or the effects of gravity. There are also regular grids covering the surface of the Earth which can impact on humans. While some of these effects can be positive, some are detrimental. The latter include the Hartmann, Curry and Bencker grids – named after German scientists who were the first to identify them.

Undoubtedly, living over water is harmful to your health. This is often deeply buried water and its presence unknown to those living above.

In addition to the those outlined above, other well-documented factors can cause geopathic stress. These are both natural and man-made, and range from underground streams from primary water sources, caves and voids to quarries, sewers and even building foundations.

One of the increasingly major causes of geopathic stress is electromagnetic radiation from mobile and cordless phones, wifi, baby alarms and microwave ovens, etc.

Much research has been undertaken on the effects of geopathic stress and how it can be detected. In the 1970s, an Austrian school teacher and dowser named Käthe Bachler realised that many of the children she was teaching were suffering from illnesses that the doctors were unable to cure. She started to investigate and found that simply moving the child’s bed resulted in dramatic improvements to their health. Each child had been sleeping over a line or lines of geopathic stress. Having helped her pupils to better health and better results at school by finding good sleeping places for them, she was commissioned by the Director of Educational Services in Salzburg to undertake further research into the connection between failure at school and geopathic stress.

Her results were revealing. After dowsing over 3,000 houses and flats in 15 countries and interviewing over 13,000 people, she concluded that there was unassailable evidence linking poor health to geopathic stress, including the finding that 95 per cent of all problematic behaviour in children was made worse by the effects of geopathic stress. The study included 500 cases of cancer and in every case, the cancer victim was subject to geopathic stress. This had also happened to previous occupants of these beds.

What are the consequences?

As Bachler’s research proved, geopathic stress can have real consequences for people and animals alike – both physical and emotional. Along with cancers such as leukaemia, illnesses linked to geopathic stress include multiple sclerosis, infertility, miscarriages, headaches and kidney stones. Emotional effects include depression, addictive behaviour and eating disorders such as anorexia. Even your home can be affected, with clutter, cracks, mould and chronic electrical faults all arising from geopathic stress. The World Health Organisation estimates that around 30 per cent of homes are affected by geopathic stress, so chances are, you know someone struggling with its energy-sapping or illness causing effects. This must also be true for offices, schools and other places of work. While geopathic stress isn’t always the direct cause of illnesses, there’s no doubt that it is a contributing factor that aggravates symptoms further. Happily, there is also plenty of evidence to suggest that either by moving away from the area of geopathic stress or having a house healer harmonise the causes of geopathic stress, people do get better.