The service that Matthew provided was very professional and he only asked for plans of my property and gardens.   JT, Somerset


Welcome to Dowsability!

As the name suggests, Dowsability is all about dowsing and how it can benefit you personally and your business. While dowsing might sound arcane, it can bring lots of benefits in a wide range of fields including healing, archaeology, location of lost or buried objects and water sourcing. Whether you’re a home or business owner, estate agent, architect, land surveyor or just an individual you can benefit from dowsing.


So what is dowsing? Dowsing is a form of remote sensing which makes full use of intuition or one’s sixth sense. To put it another way, it is the skill of detecting invisible targets. Despite its arcane image, it has nothing to do with pagan lore and has far more in common with foraging. It’s an ancient skill that almost everyone can do but as with anything, practice makes perfect. Water divining is probably the best known form of dowsing and has been helping people grow crops and build homes for centuries. Although dowsing for geopathic stress in houses is not a requirement in the UK, in Austria, Germany and France, it has become a routine part of property and building work. In some parts of Austria, architectural projects cannot begin until a dowser has been consulted, and a huge body of evidence for its efficacy has been compiled. But in the UK too, more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of dowsing and how it can help people – easily and cheaply.

It works by using a tool such as a  rod or pendulum to provide answers to a series of yes or no questions. Dowsing is a means of tapping into our intuition and accessing information not necessarily available by our normal senses such as sight and sound. Dowsing has been described as the means by which the left (or logical) brain is manifesting what the right (or intuitive) brain already knows.

But no matter who is providing the answers, dowsing unquestionably works. While much dowsing is done on location, it can also be done remotely using a map or plan. Although it looks bizarre, dowsing with a map is just as effective as dowsing on site.

The background

The 20th and first decade of the 21st century have seen huge strides made in the fields of science and technology, yet we are still unable to understand many natural phenomena. Dowsing is an ancient tradition that has its roots in our ancestors’ harmonic relationship with Nature. Early English cultures were able to detect the Earth’s natural energies without technological help and as a result, many of the earliest Christian churches as well as pagan sites such as Stonehenge, are located in spots considered sacred by the ancients. Modern dowsing is a continuation of this historic tradition.