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Foundation Dowsing Course – Somerset

This one day course will take place in Langport, Somerset..

The course will enable you to tap into your sixth sense and learn how to use both your left and right brains together. The uses for this are endless.

You will also learn how to find the unseen with this skill.

Dowsing is most commonly known by most people in association with searching for underground water which is not surprising considering the absolute need for water by man and his animals and cultivated plants which sustain him.

What is less readily known is that dowsing can be also used for searching for other underground features and for general decision making.

Can Anyone Dowse?

Basically, the answer is yes, insofar as the ability appears to be a natural human faculty.

It is a skill which can be taught and I have yet to come across anyone who cannot achieve it despite a few people appearing to have some difficulty whilst at the other end of the spectrum there are those who have a particular gift for it.

In this course, we will cover some history of dowsing, the practical uses of pendulums and rods, earth energies and water divining. You will leave this course knowing how to dowse.

Young children often demonstrate a natural flair for dowsing but most of us can develop the art by practise and perseverance.

Pendulums and rods will be available to use – and purchase – on the day.

The cost of the course is £85 (excluding lunch)  with a non-refundable deposit of £20 required to secure a place. Numbers are limited to 12 to ensure a personal service for each participant. To book a place and place your deposit, please go to The balance to be paid either before the course direct to me or on arrival on the course on xxx. Please note that this course is over one day whereas the BSD equivalent course is a weekend affair and over twice the price and covers the same curriculum.

Lunch is taken at a nearby local cafe (the best in town) with veggie/vegan options. Detailed joining instructions will be emailed to participants in good time.

Further details may be obtained from Matthew French at [email protected] or ring on 01458-250465.

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