Matthew French


I founded Dowsability to provide cost-effective solutions to common problems via the use of dowsing. Although I have been a dowser for 20+ years, my professional background at sea as a Chartered Surveyor, Chartered Marine Technologist and Master Mariner in the Royal Navy has allowed me to gain a fuller understanding of Nature and how we can help her work for us.

I was first introduced to dowsing by my wife who used it in her homoeopathic practice. Dowsing is a wonderful diagnostic tool. I then continued to practise my dowsing skills in a variety of contexts learning both the possibilities and limitations of the skill. Over the last decade and a half, I have taken numerous professional dowsing courses including the full set of the British Society of Dowsers’ (BSD) Earth Energy courses, dowsing for water, for lost objects and for healing the landscape. I have also undertaken a number of different healing courses and can provide diagnostics for personal health matters and then provide healing if appropriate. I do believe that if you behave in an ethical manner, then the answers one obtains are more accurate and genuine. I have found that I have a calling for my work and that I find it extremely rewarding to help people, in a variety of different ways to improve their lives. I have seen that it works – over and over again.

Case studies

Thanks to dowsing, I have been able to help in numerous ways. Recently, an architect asked me to find the route of a water pipe which had developed a leak in a nearby field. Not only was I easily able to find it, the results were confirmed when the water company came to repair the pipe. Another recent case involved a homeowner suffering from the effects of geopathic stress. A corner of her kitchen was located above an area of geopathic stress and was causing behavioural problems in her teenage son who slept in the bedroom above. Dowsing helped me find the line and the owner, in response, cleared out the messy corner and moved her son’s bed. The result: a happier, healthier child and a tidy home.

Yet another case involved a widow’s house whose husband had died there. She found the bedroom where he had died cold and disliked being in her study below that room. The TV used to come on at strange times and she also was aware of sounds like footsteps around her bedroom at night. After I had worked on her house, that bedroom became warm and she now loves being in her study downstairs. The TV no longer comes on and she no longer hears footsteps at night. Indeed, she now feels very comfortable being alone in that house.

As well as one in three houses being subject to geopathic stress, the same number of houses are reportedly subject to the presence of spirits or ghosts. This was the case with this widow’s house but almost always, they can be invited to move on and leave the house in peace.

Please have a look at my Testimonials page to see more people’s experiences of my work.

These are practical examples of where dowsing has positively – and cheaply – benefitted people.